How to Get Rid of Acne Around Mouth?

You may be having a clear skin yet, you have occasional appearance of pimples around your mouth. And this causes you to wonder how these pesky acne appear in your mouth area?

But what exactly causes acne around the mouth?

The most common cause of acne around the mouth is overuse of lip balm, especially scented and flavored lip balm. But another known cause could be the toothpaste or other oral care medication you use.

Most women use lip balm and the truth of the matter is, lip balm can be addicting. Lip balms often tastes good aside from the fact that it moistens your lips but also dries them up at the same time.

Lip balms come in different flavors. They often come in cherry and other fruit flavors that most people love. Because most people get to have dry lips all the time, the use of lip balms is not limited to women anymore, but also to men as well.

But how exactly does it cause acne in the mouth area? The fragrances they used in lip balm results to the production of sebum on skin surrounding the mouth and the wax from the lip balm clogs pores. The ingredients used for the fragrances and flavorings that are being used to make lip balm irresistible irritate our skin, which causes it to make more sebum, that of course, causes pimples.

The best way to stop the appearance of pimples in the mouth area is to stop using lip balm or switching to an organic or natural lip balms. If your lips get dry, the best option is to hydrate yourself by drinking small sips of water of liquid throughout the day. Chapped and dry lips are often caused by dehydration so make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. Using aloe vera gel once or twice a day will also help heal your dry lips. You may also try putting and massaging some brown sugar on your lips to get rid of the dry skin naturally.

But how about the use of toothpaste, then, you ask.

Toothpaste can be another factor why acne around your mouth occurs. The flavors and perfumes added to flavored toothpaste can cause breakouts the exact same way that the flavors and perfumes in lip balm can cause breakouts around the mouth. But most toothpastes that we know have an additional problem ingredient known as sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, which is also known as sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium dodecyl sulphate, and SLS, is an ingredient added to toothpaste to make sure it doesn’t get stuck in the bottom of the tube. It also helps in giving the product a foaming action against your teeth and gums. This chemical is added to tens of thousands of other detergents to make them foamy so they can lift grease and grime. The problem with SLS  is that the surface tension generated at the edges of the bubbles can force tiny cracks in the skin. The skin’s first aid for these cracks is sebum generated by nearby pores. but this does not cause acne breakouts. However, if toothpaste also gets into those pores and irritates them, excess sebum can get trapped and when it does, it produces blackheads and whiteheads that turns into pimples.

The best way to lessen and get rid of your problem with acne around your mouth is to use a toothpaste that does not contain SLS. Before buying a toothpaste, make sure to read the label first.


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  1. do this 2-3x everyday: 1. wash. nenueogrta is good. or @ least get a facial cleanser w/ 2% salicylic acid. otherwise it won’t treat acne. (look on the back of the bottle) $ 6-8 @ walgreens/target2. tone. dab onto cotton, swab face w/ it. nenueogrta’s clear pores has 2% salicylic acid to treat acne. $ 6-7 @ walgreens target.***if you see a pimple forming, immediately start dabbing some CLEARASIL ULTRA acne cream on it. $ 9-11 @ walgreens/target3. moisturize. clinique is good. if you have oily face, get the gel one: it’s oil free so it won’t clog your pores. $ 24 @ sephora/ulta___hon, hear it from a teen girl that has had acne for 5 years, once over-weight, and still needs braces. she let it take her down for years. but now, when i look back, it was just such a waste of my time. it isn’t who i am. i’m not a huge zit. and you’re not the person with bad acne that just fades into the background because that’s who you naturally are. i’m crippling shy, and still only breaking free from my shy-girl shell. life boils down to this: your attitude. not your face. your pimple doesn’t ruin your date. or your yearbook photo. your attitude does. everyone gets it. you get it, you get it. whatcha wanna do about it? let’s all go cut ourselves. lock ourselves in the bathroom, staring @ the mirror, pointing out this fat, that fat, pimple here, there, and here, skin too light, freckled, hair too frizzy, curly, straight, flat.. it just keeps on going!! forever! into infinity. (!!) teens WORLDwide go through it. should we lock ourselves in our houses till we pass puberty? just cause of that bad acne. when do you get a pimple? mon? tues every week? you don’t know. so therefore, don’t plan your life around it. that small little bump on your face CONTROLLS YOU. it dominates you. and you’re staying down right now. yep. like it down there? you can pity yourself your entire life if you’d like. no one and nothing can stop you. go ahead. tell me when you’ll get back up and join the rest of us. this is how it’s lookin for you right now: lifetime goal? obsess over skin in this order: acne, pores, then shine. fun! lots of mirror time! also lots of at home all alone by yourself time. look @ it like this: why are there women out on the beach wearing bikinis when they aren’t supposed to? BE that woman. she doesn’t care what you think. she doesn’t care what all of you guys think. what matters to her is what SHE thinks. you and i can judge her all we want, but that won’t stop her. she’ll hang out on the beach all she wants while you’re stuck at home obsessing, looking under the microscope for an invisible pimple. what fun! how productively helpful! cause that will solve cancer! that will cure aids! save the world! yea no. REMEMBER: what’s important isn’t what i tell you to do. it’s what you walk away from this with.

    • Okay, let’s say you’re gonna pop someone elses zit. You don’t think that it’s gonna be gross? It’s PUS! It’s gross! USE GLOVES, A MASK, and if ya got nhtniog else, swim goggles! Better than nhtniog. You may even want burn your clothes later. Who knows?! Just protect yourselves and don’t share the infection with anyone else. Otherwise, go pop your heads off and have a (safe) but good time! Remember, though, if you’re gonna show it, ya gotta blow it!!! YouTube rules, or so I hear.

    • Cetaphil is a product that is avbllaaie in most grocery stores. I apply it to my face and let it dry and it works deep down to prevent and/or stop zits from surfacing. I would also recommend that you review your diet and see if you are eating too much grease, salt, chocolate, or anything else that may irritate your skin.Also, be sure you aren’t washing your face too much, which will dry it out and irritate acne. On another note, if you moisturize too much it will have the same effect. Good luck!

  2. Toothpaste is NOT the best choice all it does is DRY your skin not the pilmpe. You can use it, but it will become very uncomfortable. Try not touching your face, keeping your hair out of your face, and washing it with . Noxema, Clearasil, or anything like that twice a day. If and when they become a whitehead, do not squeeze them. Take a hot, but not burning hot, washrag to the affected area and let it sit there for at least 2 minutes and you should do this once a day until it is gone. If this does not help you can use Benzoil Peroxide containing products, such as Clearasil Total Control, or just plain out medicated acne gel from your local store like Wal-Mart or Target. If this does not work try going to a dermatologist. They can do much better than any homemade remedy.

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