How to Get Rid of Jawline Acne

Having a jawline acne can alarming because this is an uncommon occurrence especially for people who are done with their adolescent stage. Women are mostly affected by this dilemma because of hormonal imbalance and stress. This can be alarming however, it is a good news to know that jawline acne is easily treatable and scars do not last.

More women tend to suffer from jawline acne than men due to an increase in their testosterone levels and imbalanced hormones. The testosterone causes a buildup of proteins in the cells that line your pores, which continues until bacteria, pus and dead skin cells form inside, causing those unsightly pimples that you see along your jawline. If you have an increased hair growth on your chin, you may be suffering from hormonal acne. You may seek your dermatologist or doctor and ask them to prescribe Spironolactone (also known as Aldactone) known to be an anti-androgen that works to limit your hormonal fluctuations that contribute to breakouts that cause jawline acne.

Diet and eating habits can also cause your jawline acne. If you consume excess caffeine, soda or sugars, this can often cause your hormones to fluctuate that results in breakouts in your jawline. The cosmetics and makeup you use are also causes of breakouts so make sure to use makeup that is hypoallergenic, oil-free and designed for sensitive skin.

The most important thing to remember about the jawline acne is to not scratch or try to pop it. As with all types of acne, acne along the jawline should not be exacerbated. Some types of acne can be severe enough to leave scars on your skin when they fade, even if they are not compounded. You can consult a dermatologist before applying medication or other forms of treatment. Your dermatologist will prescribe a drug that could solve your problem.

There are numerous products that work well to treat jawline acne. Try using tea tree oil, which is an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent that is more effective than the standard treatment of Benzoyl Peroxide, which has many unpleasant side effects. Also, make sure that you are on a healthy diet. You can also take more vitamins and eat healthier foods to fight jawline acne. Take B-complex vitamins to fight off stress, which often triggers hormonal imbalances that cause acne breakouts. Niacin also flushes the toxins from your system, helping cleanse your skin. Increase your water intake and avoid too much coffee, soda and sugary drinks. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, which will also help your skin look clearer and softer.

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  1. I have had the same problems and I’m big into home rmeedies. I used a mix of regular sugar and olive oil. I use it all over and its a great exfoliate and it keeps your skin hydrated. And during the summer, if you enjoy watermelon, keep the rinds. (Like the green and white-sh part) Before you go to bed, rub the inside of the rind on your back (it works for your face too!) and it will draw out the dirt and bacteria. It may look bad at first but its just cleaning out your skin. I hope it works for you!! Reply

    • I use Clean and Clear to help it. I also use Spectro Gel to wash it when I shower. It helps a lot if you use it erdeyvay.There really is no cure to it, you can just help reduce the amount, or take a prescription that helps it. But you should talk to a dermatologist before you take any drugs to help (like accutane).Best of luck!

  2. anybody know of something i could make at home to rub on my face to get rid of acne and to get rid of oil and mouziirtse and all that. something more natural then stuff sold in stores. like ingredients that consist of oats and stuff like that. i dont know much about skin and that kind of stuff so i would really appreciate your guy’s help.

    • Kory,Get small doses of the sun for body acne. You need to use any acne fae wash with a brush on a stick.The face find a three step system and use it. Twice a day.There are no home’ reeedims strong enough to fight the bacteria that causes acne.In addition to the wash, etc. take vitamins a e and c and zinc. Orally.